Journal Club IX: CBD Safety In Vivo

Join Cannabis Pharmacists and Eddie Palumbo April 26th at 7 pm EST to discuss:  SAFETY ASSESSMENT OF A HEMP EXTRACT USING GENOTOXICITY AND ORAL REPEAT DOSE TOXICITY STUDIES IN SPRAGUE DAWLEY RATS FREE for members and $10 for non-members

State of Cannabis: Oklahoma

Join us live for a discussion on Oklahoma medical cannabis program with pharmacist Erik Bowen, RPh! Free for Members and Non-members!

State of Cannabis: Minnesota

Join us live for a discussion on Minnesota’s medical cannabis program with Cannabis pharmacist Melani Kane, PharmD and PharmD Candidate Luc Robichaud! Free for Members and Non-members!

Propelling Our Profession as Practitioners! (Survey)

Hey #Pharmacist Entrepreneurs, We are seeking to develop a relationship with a reputable EHR platform to conduct MTM-type reviews inclusive of medical Cannabis. If you are CURRENTLY or INTERESTED in doing these types of reviews, please complete our...

Cannabis Pharmacist Responsibilities

In our effort to standardize Cannabis as a medicine (and Define Cannabis Care), we invite Cannabis Pharmacists in Medical and Recreational states to complete the following survey. You can also visit the Survey here. Loading…