Nominations Accepted: Board of Directors Secretary

While we are sad to see our founding Board member; Jeff Lombardo leave our Board of Directors, we are accepting nominations for Secretary. Submit your name for nomination below. Nominations accepted until 10/11/2020 Loading…

State of Cannabis VI: New Jersey

Learn about New Jersey’s Medical Cannabis Program with pharmacist extraordinaire Monica Taing, PharmD! FREE for members and non-members so RSVP today!

State of Cannabis IV: Utah

Learn about Utah’s medical Cannabis program and the role of the pharmacist with Mindy Madeo, RPh! FREE for members and non-members so RSVP today!

State of Cannabis V: Connecticut

Learn about the first medical Cannabis program in the country to require pharmacists…. Connecticut! We are joined by Connecticut pharmacist Brian Essenter! RSVP today!

State of Cannabis: Pennsylvania

This series will examine the different program rules and regulations that govern medical Cannabis programs across the United States. Review the patient certification process and examine the role of the pharmacist.

Cannabis Pharmacist Responsibilities

In our effort to standardize Cannabis as a medicine (and Define Cannabis Care), we invite Cannabis Pharmacists in Medical and Recreational states to complete the following survey. You can also visit the Survey here. Loading…