We are the

International Society of Cannabis Pharmacists 

and we are 

defining cannabis care.


As medication experts and patient advocates, pharmacists provide a unique and compassionate perspective on clinical cannabis medicine. Compelled by the lack of standardization, we joined together to recognize the medical effects of cannabis and provide a voice to its legitimacy across the nation.  

The International Society of Cannabis Pharmacists (ISCPh) was founded to unify the pharmacy profession on the subject of cannabis in support of public health.

ISCPh will accomplish this through:


  1. Provision of current, accurate information on the advances of cannabis medicine
  2. Continuing professional development courses on medical cannabis for pharmacists and the greater medical community
  3. Facilitating unique meet-up opportunities for pharmacists to connect with their peers across practice settings and medical sub-specialties
  4. Raising societal awareness about the role of the pharmacist as a key component to optimizing medical cannabis care related to patient directed self-management of symptoms
  5. Engaging student pharmacists in the medical cannabis industry
  6. Serving as a trusted, credible resource to legislators, policy makers, regulators, and the public  

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   Executive Members on the Board of Directors

   President: Melani Kane

  Vice President: Esther Kim

 Secretary: Michael Ruggiero 

 Treasurer: Gregory Vassie

 Student Representative: Margaret O’Connor



General Board Members:

  Christine Roussel 

 Alan Ao

 Shane Carmichael

 Joaquin Acosta

 Laura Mentch


Founding Board Members:

Christine Roussel, PharmD, BCOP

Melani Kane (Bersten), PharmD



The Advisory Board will consist of leaders in the medical, legal, public health, and educational fields who share our vision and passion about medical cannabis.

Additional applicants may apply by submitting a current resume, list of relevant accomplishments and background experience in medical cannabis and ISCPh to advisors@cannabispharmacist.org 

For more information on Committee Members and Responsibilities; Visit our Resources Page

    Chair: Greg Vassie 

    • Financial planning
    • Legal compliance


    Education and Professional Development (EPD)
    Chair: Shane Carmichael 

    • Academic outreach
    • Student rotations
    • Certification and accreditation
    • CE courses


    Clinical Practice and Research (CPR) 
    Chair: Melani Kane 

    • Standards of practice
    • Policies
    • Develop and review publications



    Chair: Alan Ao 

    • Membership directories
    • Students
    • Social media
    • Networking events


    Quality Assurance and Patient Safety
    Chair: Jeff Lombardo 

    • Labeling
    • Product safety
    • Packaging safety