Cannabis Pharmacy 2023 & Me   

Virtual Symposium


The International Society of Cannabis Pharmacists is pleased to announce the next virtual symposium focusing on the ever-expanding role of the pharmacist in the cannabis industry.

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Program Highlights:

  • Virtual symposium for you to enjoy from the comfort of your home or office 
  • Fireside-chat style presentations for a more relaxed environment 
  • Unique topics that we are confident you’ve never seen or heard a presentation on
  • Recorded for on-demand credit (for those unable to attend live) 
  • 8 hours of ACPE-accredited continuing education
  • Ample time for Q&A with our esteemed panelists 

CPE Course Details:  CPE Details_Cannabis 2023 and Me

Course Outline + Objectives:

Precepting in the Dispensary:

Panelists include Raymond Vellky and Kyle Valker
Moderated by Courtney Smith

This session will review the process for implementing an advanced pharmacy practice experience rotation in the dispensary and the responsibilities of preceptors to ensure its success.

  1. Identify the required processes to precept students in the dispensary 
  2. Evaluate the responsibilities for preceptors and pharmacy students in a dispensary rotation 
  3. Describe the experience of a preceptor and student in the dispensary rotation

Institutional Policy:
Panelists include Simi Burn, Denise Frank, Raymond Vellky and Christine Roussel
Moderated by Melani Kane

This session will review the key risks and strategies to mitigate risk when considering policies for institutional handling of medical cannabis products. 

  1. Describe the risks of storing and administering medical cannabis in institutional settings 
  2. Illustrate strategies to mitigate the risk of diversion and adulteration of medical cannabis products 
  3. Design a safe handling policy for medical cannabis in institutions 

When Med goes Wreck I + II:
Panelists include Swathi Varanasi, Edwin Sherwood, Brian Essenter, and Frank Falvo
Moderated by Michael Ruggiero and Raymond Vellky

This session will delve into detail on the hurdles faced by patients and healthcare professionals in states that had adopted adult-use regulations and provide strategies of support for those states that will soon (or have recently enacted legislation) to allow for adult-use.

  1. Explain the role of healthcare professionals in states that allow for adult-use 
  2. Show the challenges faced by healthcare professionals in states that do not mandate healthcare professional involvement 
  3. Identify challenges faced by patients in programs that do not have access to healthcare professionals  
  4. Compare how medical and adult-use programs differ in terms of accessibility, product availability, and price 
  5. Describe the consumer experience when presenting to the dispensary for medical versus recreational purposes 
  6. Examine how the role of the healthcare professional has changed since legislation allowed for adult-use 
  7. Discuss ways to bridge gaps in care between non-medical consumers and medical patients 
  8. Evaluate the role of healthcare professionals in states that are considering allowing for adult-use 
  9. Summarize resources available to healthcare professionals in states that allow medical and adult-use cannabis 

Comprehensive Medication Management:
Panelists include Blair Thielemier
Moderated by Melani Kane

This session will discuss the role of comprehensive medication management and how pharmacists can become more involved with managing medications at the prescriber’s level.

  1. Define comprehensive medication management (CMM) 
  2. Compare and contrast comprehensive medication management (CMM) to medication therapy management (MTM)
  3. Examine the purpose and contents of a collaborative practice agreement 
  4. Analyze the process for collaborating with a physician to provide CMM services 
  5. Identify required documentation to ensure successful reimbursement with third party payers 
  6. Summarize the legal considerations for billing insurance for CMM services 

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