ISCPh is determined to support Student Pharmacists in their exploration of Cannabis as a Medicine

Student Society Requirements:      

1) Be located at an accredited college or university or within any school or department that provides Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum

2) Obtain approval from college or university to establish registered student organization

3) Submit ISCPh Student Society Application  Or copy and paste →

4) Follow Brand Standards for Design including name (Student Society of Cannabis Pharmacists- university acronym, logo, and use of slogan; Defining Cannabis Care). Example names; SSCP-UMN, SSCP-UCSD, SSCP-PITT

5) Create a Board of Directors with at least 5 and no more than 7 members including President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer 

6) Have a minimum of 5 active student members (including the Executive Board) enrolled in the Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum full time

7) Prepare and maintain bylaws (and subsequent amendments) to be reviewed and approved by ISCPh’s Board of Directors and/or ISCPh Membership Committee. Here’s an example of our approved Student Society Bylaws: Student Bylaws_ISCPhDownload

8) Submit biannual report (1 to 2 pages) including membership details, student society meeting minutes, and activities, list of student society officers, their roles and demographic information, amendments to bylaws (if any), financial summary (including expenditure and reimbursement with electronic copies of receipts) and plan of activities for coming 6 – 12 months

9) Represent ISCPh and the pharmacy profession in a professional, respectful and responsible manner


Student Society Checklist  –

Expected timeline to complete up to 1 Month 


  • Secure approval from institutional administration 
  • Identify one or more faculty advisors (ISCPh membership included in Society fee) 
  • Complete Student Society Application Form →
  • Pay $150 Society Initiation Fee which includes student membership for up to 5 members, and includes annual membership for one faculty advisor.  Societies have the option of adding additional members at a flat rate of $10 per student. Student Society will begin with an operating budget of $100 deposited directly into their bank account.
    OR In lieu of Society Initiation Fee, members can join ISCPh for $50 each ($250 total) and Society can begin with an operating budget of $200 deposited directly into their bank account. Faculty Advisor membership will be included.  
  • Create a Student Society Executive Board of 5 members with at least 4 members filling roles of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. 
  • Request EIN with IRS as an exempt organization (National organization is recognized under 501c6- additional guidance available upon request or visit 
  • Create bank account using EIN