Clinical Cannabinoid Pharmacy Certificate (CCPC)

The International Society of Cannabis Pharmacists (ISCPh) is commited to standardizing the role of the Pharmacist and healthcare professionals in Cannabinoid medicine.

Our goal to standardize cannabinoid medicine requires the standardization of clinical management and dosing recommendations. To ensure consistency and reliability, successful completion of the comptency exam is required to obtain your Clinical Cannabinoid Pharmacy Certificate (CCPC).


Approved Prerequisites:

Required for Competency Exam Eligibility

1. Clinical Cannabinoid Pharmacy 2020


Required Domains:

I. Patient Centered Pharmacotherapy (60%) 

  • Side effects- and recommendations for patients 
  • Drug interactions – recommendations for patients
  • Device counseling on administration and storage 
  • Assessing baseline medical conditions for initial recommendations


II. Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics (30%)

  • Formulations – onset and duration 
  • Metabolism – drug/food/disease  interactions  
  • Reviewing concentrations and doses; include pictures of actual products and require dose calculation and days supply 


III. Evidence-Based Medicine and Biostatistics  (10%)

  • Review of primary literature: main point/conclusion, strengths, weakness  
  • NNT, p values, NNH, absolute risk


Reasons for obtaining the Clinical Cannabinoid Pharmacy Certificate (CCPC)

Provide evidence-based and patient-centered medication therapy management for patients using cannabinoids for symptomatic or therapeutic use. 

Distinguish your expertise in the emerging field of Cannabinoid medicine 

Highlight your specialized understanding of Cannabis therapeutics 

Assess treatment goals and define monitoring parameters to ensure safe and effective care