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    Chair: Ethan Carruthers
    Members: Sabrina Griggs, Ryan BurkhardtPhil Masaitis, Richard Greer

    • Financial planning
    • Legal compliance


    Education and Professional Development (EPD)
    Chairs: Jeff Lombardo and Christine Roussel  
    Members: Phil Masaitis, Michael Barton, Stephen Bradley, Nikita Patel, Ryan Burkhardt, Alison Goler, Ethan Carruthers, Melani Bersten

    • Academic outreach
    • Student rotations
    • Certification and accreditation
    • CE courses


    Clinical Practice and Research (CPR) 
    Chair: Melani Bersten
    Members: Daniyal Bashir, Terry Osborne, Aiya Almogaber, Craig Levient, Melissa Nguyen, Chaniece Doyle, Ryan Burkhardt,  Angela Hardy

    • Standards of practice
    • Policies
    • Develop and review publications


    Chair: Brian Harvey  
    Members: Sabrina Griggs, Lauren Vrabel, Franmar Kopko, Theresa Tsoodle, Nicole Campese, Melissa Nguyen, Brandon Luther, Jennifer Barnett, Terry Osborne, Aiya Almogaber, Daniel Asarch

    • Membership directories 
    • Students 
    • Social media 
    • Networking events 


    Quality Assurance and Patient Safety
    Chair:  Bradley Carlson   
    Members: Brenda Kyser, Phil Masaitis, Stephen Bradley, Brandon Thornton, Alison Goler, Ethan Carruthers, Jeff Lombardo, Michael Shafor

    • Labeling
    • Product safety
    • Packaging safety